Founders Statement

Meet Glenn McHardie...

Glenn has owned numerous businesses as an architect and business coach. He's also been successful as a practice General Manager and is an active property investor. He has extensive training and business experience in running professional practices. He's in a fortunate position to follow his passion and share his experiences with other professionals to create a great practice that can give them and the people they support, a richer life.

So, how is this helpful to you?

Simply put, Glenn can help you save time and money (and anguish!) through advising, training and coaching to create a successful business that truly serves you.

Glenn has created a powerful business growth system that forms the basis of the training, that is tailored for your type of professional services practice. He is a true generalist with training topics including Business Identity, Self-Mastery, Leadership, Planning, Financial Mastery, Sales & Marketing, and Team development. His experience also extends to Governance best practice, successful partnerships and preparing businesses for sale.

How I Help

As your Business coach, I will help you as a person & business owner:

  • Grow in your clarity and confidence
  • Build actionable plans and hold you to account for delivering on them
  • Play life at your utmost BEST in the way you Think, Feel & Act.
  • To uncover your blindspots and call you out when no one else will

I have been where you are about to head and have a few battle scars to show… aka learnings. Part of what makes me who I am has been the growth I’ve experienced from overcoming a mental health challenge.  This has helped me relate to people on their own growth journeys. I deeply understand the importance of having your life plan being a leading part of your business plan.

I get you, being a designer myself I get the tension that can exist around how we may value ourselves and the effect that can have on business…. I am here to help!

What Makes Glenn Different

My “claim to fame” is having the rare distinction of being both a Registered Architect and a Certified Business Coach. Following selling out of a successful Practice, I’m in a blessed position… My purpose is to grow many more professionals to build the practices that they deserve.