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The Business Architect

led by Glenn McHardie

Provides you with a set of tools, training and resources all designed to put you in control of your practice. If you’re running a Design Practice, then installing the Practice Mastery method will accelerate your profitability and set it up to run on Practice Autopilot.

Our Method

The Practice Mastery method is simple...




Practice Mastery is a three step method that optimises the performance of your practice:

It begins with knowing the right numbers to MEASURE in your Practice so the outputs and ratios tell you exactly where profits are either leaking, or flowing.

Then once you MANAGE working through a series of simple strategies that focus on Systems & Team improvements, you’ll quickly be able to fix any issues and your Practice will start to build momentum, fast.

Then you’ll MASTER the growth strategies, ultimately giving you the freedom to scale your business and have it running on Practice Autopilot.

The Practice Mastery method has been designed to keep it simple so you can concentrate on the work you love and the projects that matter.


Here’s a snapshot

of some of the insights gained from successful Practice Masters:

The Ultimate Checklist

For Your Design Practice

  • Increase Your Profit
  • Optimise Your Prices
  • Lead Your Team
  • Master Your Sales
  • Boost Your Leads
  • Grow Your People
  • Systemise Your Delivery
  • Scale Your Practice
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How to Learn More

The Ultimate Design Practice Masterclass:

How to Escape Practice Overload, Add Profits to your Practice by finding Profit Leakage, and join the top 5% of Practices who make the best profits in your Industry


Keynote Presentations with Glenn McHardie:

Working with industry associations, Glenn has keynote presentations including how to Learn the proven Financial Mastery method for successful practice management


The Ultimate Design Practice Program

The flagship program is a community of smart professionals who are building practices with profit, passion and purpose... this program has everything you need to scale and succeed


If you’ve built a successful practice but know you are capable of more

then you’ll want a high-performance program to challenge you... Glenn works with a limited number of clients 1-on-1


40% +

Gains in Practice Productivity


Practitioners helped & coached


Made in additional Practice Profits